Q: How to become a user ?

You should follow some simple tools to become a user. You can log in through your Facebook account or use standard login in the right side.

Q: How can I register my organization?

After becoming a user, you will see “add organization” button in the left side. Click on the button and follow the steps.

Q: How can I register a trainer?

On the left side you will see “add trainer” button, click and answer the question. Don’t forget to upload an image.

Q: How can I post my training?

After becoming a user you are allowed to post your trainings. On the left side you can see “add training” button Click and answer the questions. Don’t forget to mention your organization.

Q: If my organization is not registered yet, can I post a training and mention the organization?

No, you are not allowed to, thus we kindly ask to register your organization than post a training.

Q: Will I get messages to my email about the trainings?

Yes you will get a message about each training matching the interests you’ve mentioned.

Q: Is it free to become a User and post any educational event?

Yes, it's totally FREE.