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Celebrating Magna Carta 800 with UK Ambassador

The British Embassy in Yerevan within the framework of the Europe Day 2015 is kindly inviting you to Embassy to take part in a "Liberty Matters" discussion and short film screening to mark 800th anniversary of Magna Carta the Great Charter.

After the film screening the UK Ambassador Kathy Leach will discuss with you what Magna Carta is, why it has appealed to so many people over the years, the impact it has had on the development of Anglo-American legal and political institutions, and its relevance for us today.

The "Medical House" doctors' club continues the discussions of clinical cases.

We are happy to invite you to our next meeting, which will take place on May 1 at 13:00

Talks will be given by:

1. Mari Sakanyan - Student of YSMU
"With traces of disease"

2. Susanna Avetisyan - Residency, Pediatric endocrinology, Muratsan Hospital Complex

3. Gevorg Hovsepyan - Student of YSMU
"Disease of geniuses - Anne Boleyn"

4. Bagrat Hakobyan - Student of YSMU
"Interactive Case-Game"

Cyber Crime

What can one do to be secure from cyber crime?

Overcoming consequences of the Armenian Genocide

Aratta youth club invites all young people from political and public field to participate in the discussion called "Overcoming consequences of the Armenian Genocide" in the frameworks of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

To register please fill in the application provided below.

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