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Feel the rythm! V4+Roma

Youth chapter within Erasmus+ programme is a main tool at European Union level to support youth which provides opportunities for non-formal learning for young people through mobility and intercultural dialogue.

NFL-BUSINESS: training course for youth workers

NFL-BUSINESS is a training course addressed to youth workers aimed at developing and professionalizing the youth work sector. The goal is to encourage participants to look for contact and cooperation with the business world and to provide them with concrete and practical knowledge and skills necessary to start effective cooperation with business in their local communities.

Young People’s Learning Processes After Mobility

What is the role of the organizations after the youngsters return from an international experience (EVS, Youth exchanges, Training courses…)?” This is a key question in this training. We believe that not only the organizations have a role in the youngsters’ learning process after returning from a mobility experience, but they can build outstanding outcomes from it.For the youngsters, for their communities and for the organizations themselves.

The Star of Europe

In “The Star of Europe”, the journey goes through Europe in search of a good youth exchange project. For the training we have created material that help groups planning a youth exchange to proceed in logical in their process.
There are reminders about programme rules, good practices and pitfalls at every phase they enter.

The aim of “The Star of Europe” is to get a comprehensive understanding of what a youth exchange project contains – from the idea of the project to the follow up activities.

The main objectives of the training:

Wake Up, Green Up

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead

We are living in a time in which many young people lack motivation to get involved in shaping their communities.

Zoom in – Facilitating Group Learning Processes

Are you excited about supporting participant’s learning? Are you thinking of ways to improve your skills in facilitation? Do you want to understand challenging situations in group learning processes? Check out our Zoom In Training Course!

Creating Impact

Léargas is offering all EVS project coordinators from accredited Hosting and Sending Organisations to a 5 day training which will support you to develop your project dissemination plan and use it to maximise the impact of your EVS projects.

What is Dissemination anyway?

Become a EuroPeer

Have you already taken part in the Youth in Action programme? Do you want to share your experience and motivate young people to explore the opportunities available? Do you want to be a part of a European network of young people? Become a EuroPeer!

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