Certificate 1 in Adult Foundation Education

Course Summary: 

>To prepare students to undertake further study in a TAFE vocational course. >Undertake further study in a general education course leading to Year 10. >Gain and/or maintain employment.

Course Content:

>Make confident use of literacy and/or numeracy skills.
>Develop positive attitudes to reading,writing and basic mathematics.
>Develop confidence in their own literacy and/or numeracy skills.
>Develop independent learning skills.

People who need to improve their numeracy and literacy skills for further study or employment.

Training Provider: 


Dates and Times: 

Contact the local TAFE college for starting dates and times.

Location and Contact: 
Contact the head teacher of Adult Basic Education at your nearest TAFE college. You can do this course flexibility through Distance Delivery OTEN-DE.

Free/Free for Eligible Applicants