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(includes Illawarra, Riverina and ACT)

>To prepare students to undertake further study in a TAFE vocational course. >Undertake further study in a general education course leading to Year 10. >Gain and/or maintain employment.

This course is for adults from non-English speaking backgrounds to learn English listening, speaking, reading and writing for access to and participation in furthereducation, employment and the Australian community.

The Certificate in Second Language Teaching program is designed as a preliminary specialist qualification for those interested in teaching a second language in Australia or overseas. The Certificate may be credited towards the Graduate Diploma in TESOL. The amount of credit will depend on the entry requirements of the GDipTESOL being met, and whether the Certificate in Second Language Teaching is taken out as a formal award. (Contact the Director of Postgraduate Studies, Dr Wilma Vialle, for further information.)

Provide students with improved access to the vocational education and training system and to employment opportunities. It also aims to improve the participation of students in all aspects of society and their local community.

Certificate IV in the Assessment and Workplace Training applies to people for whom training is a large part of their job, or a full job function within a structured assessment and training system. These people haveconsiderable responsibility for training program development and delivery as well as assessment of training participants or employees.

Foundation Studies is a full-time program of two or more sessions and is designed to provide alternative entry to the University of Wollongong and other Australian and New Zealand universities for those students who have not met the direct entry requirements to a bachelor degree.There are four different streams in the program: >Commerce>Information Technology/Mathematics>Arts>Science/EngineeringA 3-session Foundation Studies option is also available.

The Diploma in Business (2 Sessions) program is for students who want to study Business or Commerce but did not meet the direct entry requirements for a Bachelor degree. Successful completion of the 48 credit points of academic subjects provides credit for the first year of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Wollongong (UOW).The three session program comprises eight subjects from the two-session option, plus an additional Tertiary Academic Skills subject.

This is a stand-alone course and is for those who do not wish to undertake tertiary studies. However, upon successful completion of the course you may proceed into an English for Academic Purposes program.

This training program is specifically designed for jobseekers who need to develop or enhance their employability skills.

Preparation for an IELTS test required for university, private college, TAFE and secondary school entry, PLUS academic skills such as essay writing, library skills and oral presentation.IELTS is the most widely recognised English language test for entry to academic courses for overseas students.

Full time course to provide language and study skills appropriate for further study. Subjects introduce students to particular areas for study.

The program is tailored to your chosen area of study and covers critical thinking and analysis, university level essay writing, library and research skills, academic study skills, seminar presentation and tutorial participation - all of which are necessary to succeed at university.It is for students who have an unconditional offer to study at the University of Wollongong, ie they have met English language and academic requirements.

Full time course to provide language and knowledge of the Australian workplace to assist clients to access employment.<br>Course includes interview skills, resume writing and work placement.

The course is for people from non-English speaking backgrounds to develop their language and study skills while training in one of the vocational areas. It is a shorter version of EVP Certificate III.

A shorter general English language course (listening, speaking, reading and writing) for students who have limited English or who speak no English.

To develop proficiency in reading and writing, oral communication, numeracy and general curriculum options.

To improve reading, writing and speaking of English.

This course provides for up to 400 hours of free English language training for adults from non-English speaking background. The course focuses on vocational needs.

An English preparatory program for those wishing to study in the University's Graduate School of Business and Professional Development or in a postgraduate coursework Management degree.

The UAP is designed especially for mature age students. The program develops note taking, essay writing, presentation and examination skills as well as computer literacy to ensure success both in the UAP and in the future degree.Two or three streams are offered preparing students for entry either to the courses in the Faculties of Arts, Education, Commerce, Law, Health & Behavioural Sciences, Engineering, Science and Informatics.UAP students have access to the University’s facilities, including the Library, the Sports Centre and networked computer laboratories.

AMEP courses offer up to 510 hours of English language training to recent arrivals, leading to the Certificates I, II and III in Spoken and Written English where appropriate. These courses aim to develop proficiency in listening,speaking, reading and writing.

A full-time or part-time course to provide language and study skills appropriate for further study at year 10 level.

AMEP courses offer up to 510 hours of English language training to recent arrivals, leading to the awards of the Certificate of Spoken and Written English Levels 1, 2, and 3 where appropriate. This competency based course aims to develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

A general English language course to give students the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills they need for access to employment, further education, or communityservices.

Trained volunteers visit students in their homes to help with their English.

This program has been specifically designed for students who need to improve their English to gain admission to an academic program.

A learning activity for people who are unable to attend classes for whatever reason. Home study involves using workbooks, tapes and video based on real life to help people learn English for everyday situations. Regularcontact with a teacher provides support and feedback.

This course aims to enable students with limited English to acquire the English language and cross cultural communication skills they need to access the Australian workplace.

To secure industry identified work skills to work with residents in nursing homes or retirement villages.

A shorter general English language course which can be customised to meet the needs of different learner groups, including those with lower literacy skills than oracy skills for access to both initial and further vocational education and training.