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English Language Courses and Programs

These courses and programs provide English language skills from beginner to advanced levels and other skills training

This course provides advanced English Language training and the knowledge/skills for employment in the Children's Services Sector and is for NESB people seeking training for employment as Child Care Workers and/or a pathway to further studies in Children's Services areas

To develop strategies to deal with the variety of task types in the IELTS test.

In this course, people will learn basic setting up and use of computing equipment with a range of application software.

The Certificate in Second Language Teaching program is designed as a preliminary specialist qualification for those interested in teaching a second language in Australia or overseas. The Certificate may be credited towards the Graduate Diploma in TESOL. The amount of credit will depend on the entry requirements of the GDipTESOL being met, and whether the Certificate in Second Language Teaching is taken out as a formal award. (Contact the Director of Postgraduate Studies, Dr Wilma Vialle, for further information.)

An English preparatory program for those wishing to study in the University's Graduate School of Business and Professional Development or in a postgraduate coursework Management degree.

This program has been specifically designed for students who need to improve their English to gain admission to an academic program.

For students with a good level of written and spoken English who wish to combine academic studies with a high-level English language course, or want to learn English terminology related to their field of study. Gives studentsthe chance to study an advanced level English language course and audit two subjects at University. During an audit, students attend lectures and tutorials, complete the reading list for the subject and prepare seminar presentations for tutorial groups. Students may also choose to submit written assignments and undertake examinations, but no credit is given.

This is a course for students who want an introduction to life in an Australian high school in Year 10 or 11, or for those who wish to improve their English language and study skills.

English@AMES is a rich multimedia online learning environment of sound, animation and interactive tasks at Post-beginner and Intermediate levels developed by NSW AMES in line with the CSWE curriculum framework. Students learn to perform real-world tasks such as writing letters and essays, and participating in conversations and interviews.

This course provides NESB people with skills to work effectively in the accounting sector while at the same time improving their communication and language skills to help them gain employment as bookkeepers, accounts receivable/payable clerks or to continue accounting studies