Jenny Miller

Jenny Miller has been embroiled in education for most of her life. She has taught students and trained teachers in a variety of countries.
She worked at the British Council in Colombia and Istanbul for seven years as a teacher and trainer. She has been based in Istanbul since 2000. Nowadays she works as a freelance teacher trainer.
Her interests include: teacher education, young learners, very young learners, assessment, CELTA (the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), DELTA ( the Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) and other Cambridge training courses.


Getting students interested in reading is often a difficult aspect of English teaching, especially if the texts are not particularly exciting. Students have usually developed a range of reading skills in their first language which they tend not to transfer into English. Thus they can get bogged down with trying to understand every word and spend a long time on unnecessary parts, causing them to lose interest and fail to digest the key parts.