AEGEE Eastern Partnership Youth Convention

EGEE Eastern Partnership Project and AEGEE-Kraków are happy to invite you in one of the kind event
– AEGEE Eastern Partnership Youth Convention!

This event will gather 23 young leaders with aim of discovering Eastern Partnership countries, process of European integration and international relations principles.

It will grant space for common learning, exchange of views and discussions that allow to build better understanding what bridging Europe really means and what is the role of young people in the process.

You don’t feel like an expert in international politics yet, but you would like to make yourself more familiar with Eastern Europe and its political dynamics? The convention is a place for you than! We will guide you step by step and introduce to all main aspects.

The convention will consist of following workshops:
• introduction to Eastern Partnership Programme and European Union’s foreign policy
• current crisis in Ukraine
• Russia and its external relations
• frozen conflicts in EaP countries
• democracy models
• human rights

How does Eastern Partnership Programme should look like according to us - youth? The Convention will also be a place to answer this question. The recommendations drafted by the participants will become a unique manifesto that will be delivered to European Institutions.

And what will make this event unique? You participants!
We are looking for 10 people coming from Eastern Partnership countries and 12 people coming from the EU states. This will allow to have a board and varied representation of all views and perspectives and make the event truly learning place for all.

If you feel like part of the team, don’t hesitate and apply!

We are looking for 10 people from: Armenia, Azerbeijan, Georgia, Ukaine, Belarus, Molodva and 12 people from the 28 EU states.

Date and time: 
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 10:00
123 Hovsep Emin str.,