Collaborate with journalists wordwide

European Youth Press is very happy to announce our new partnership with Hostwriter, a platform that facilitates the production of cross-border stories between journalists.

“Hostwriter is an online network, which connects journalists around the world,” explains Felix Franz, one of Hostwriter’s team members and a freelance journalist himself. The website enables three ways of collaboration. Journalists can share information and advice; work together to produce a joint story; and/or offer a colleague accommodation at their home.

From journalists for journalist
Felix explains that “Hostwriter was established by a small group of journalists, who got inspired by their own experiences while working on foreign stories”. Co-founder Tamara for instance, was looking for contacts in Bangladesh after the textile factory collapse. She was working on the story from Germany and needed someone on the ground, which appeared to be somewhat difficult. Co-founder Tabea had a contrasting experience. She was couch surfing at a colleague’s place during a research trip in Lebanon. Staying at a local’s home provided her with great insights for her story. Plus, the possibility of keeping travel costs down was a bonus for a freelancer journalist.

Date and time: 
Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 09:00