New Arrivals Program

A beginners course for those with limited knowledge of spoken and written English.

Develop speaking and listening skills.

To help people improve their reading and writing skills.

To develop pronunciation, improve fluency and clarity of speech and practice listening and conversational skills.

A high level course which will allow students to reach ISLPR 3/IELTS 5.5 proficiency. This course is designed for students from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) whoneed to consolidate their English skills at an advanced level.

A learning activity for people who are unable to attend classes, for example, parents with childcare responsibilities, people restricted by work, or people who prefer to study at home. Distance Learning can be integrated with Multimedia centre learning, Home Tutor or community class provision. Regular phone, email and fax contact with a teacher provides support and feedback.

AMEP courses offer up to 510 hours of English language training to recent arrivals, leading to the outcomes of the Certificate of Spoken and Written English levels 1, 2 and 3 where appropriate. This competency based course aims to develop proficiency in listening,speaking, reading and writing.

AMEP courses offer up to 510 hours of English language training to recent arrivals, leading to the award of the Certificate of Spoken and Written English Level I, II or III where appropriate. This competency based courseaims to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This course concentrates on developing all 4 English language skills and provides students with information about community services and resources (eg. services, accommodation, transport, shopping, medical care).

This course develops English language proficiency in needs-based contexts which provide information on the Australian way of life and advice on accessing essential services(eg. employment, health services, shopping, educational options). All four skills are taught.

These courses develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. They also develop study skills and grammar and pronunciation are integrated into the courses.Skills are developed through themes eg Health, Housing, Shopping etc to help new arrivals with settlement.

Students may use the facilities to plan and follow an independent learning program. Facilities include textbooks, reading material (books, magazines etc), audio and video tapes and worksheets. ILC Multimedia centres have computers with Internet access and a range of programs to enhance English language learning.

Students learn about becoming an Australian citizen.

To improve reading, writing and speaking of English.