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Pamela Steiner, Ed.D. Intercommunal Trust Building Project Fellow, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights Harvard School of Public Health. She is also a granddaughter of Henry Morgenthau, Sr. who appointed as U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in 1913 and served in this position until 1916. Morgenthau stated that the one issue he was most preoccupied was the Armenian Question.

Ms. Marina Mkhitaryan will discuss the next step in Armenia’s development, namely strengthening the country’s ability for social innovation. She will talk about how Kolba Lab, a UNDP Armenia initiative, helps citizens and communities identify solutions to social challenges, such as, provision of public services or environmental protection and restoration.

On April 25 at13:30, with the participation of Donald Wilson Bush, the president of the Woodrow Wilson Legacy Foundation, and famous Israeli historian Yair Auron, a round table will be held at Ayb

Yerevan State University (YSU) Center for Gender and Leadership Studies (CGLS) is pleased to announce its third international conference.

Improved measures have yielded a better understanding of domestic and international patterns of inequality.

We are happy to invite you to our next meeting, which will take place on April 18 at 15:00