To develop communication and language skills suitable for business.

Provides entry level training in areas such as; accounts clerk, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeper

The Diploma in Business (2 Sessions) program is for students who want to study Business or Commerce but did not meet the direct entry requirements for a Bachelor degree. Successful completion of the 48 credit points of academic subjects provides credit for the first year of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Wollongong (UOW).The three session program comprises eight subjects from the two-session option, plus an additional Tertiary Academic Skills subject.

An English preparatory program for those wishing to study in the University's Graduate School of Business and Professional Development or in a postgraduate coursework Management degree.

Introduction, development and practice of language functions related to business.

This course provides the skills to effectively work in an office environment and related industries.

This course provides NESB people with skills to work effectively in an office by learning word processing, keyboarding and other office skills whilst at the same time improving their communication and language skills to help them gain employment.

This course aims to provide people from non-English speaking background with access to self-employment in small business.