Information Technology

In this course, people will learn basic setting up and use of computing equipment with a range of application software.

English and computer skills for students planning to go to higher education or into the workforce.

The Diploma in Information Technology (2 Sessions) is for students who did not meet the entry requirements for a UOW Bachelor of Computer Science, the Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology (BIST), or the Bachelor of Information Communication and Technology (BICT).Successful completion of the 48 credit points of academic subjects provides credit for the first year of the relevant Bachelor degree.The three session program comprises eight subjects from the two-session option, plus an additional Tertiary Academic Skills subject.

This course provides language and vocational skills for employment or a pathway to further study in the computing area.

This course is for unemployed migrants from non-English speaking background by distance education. It provides skills and knowledge required to use different computer software applications with English language support.

The total course covers all 7 modules of the International Computer Drivers Licence. Students are assessed progressively at the end of each module, with a possible exit point after 4 modules. Students are assessed concurrently on selected Learning Outcomes from CSWE III.