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Courses that Prepare for Further Study

This course provides further skills development to Advanced levels in academic writing, listening, reading and speaking. Independent research skills are practised in seminar presentations and written reports. Students areprepared for the university or college environment, working individually and in groups.

This is a course for students who want an introduction to life in an Australian high school in Year 10 or 11, or for those who wish to improve their English language and study skills.

This course helps you improve your reading, writing and maths for your job, for further studies or personal reasons.

The Diploma in Information Technology (2 Sessions) is for students who did not meet the entry requirements for a UOW Bachelor of Computer Science, the Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology (BIST), or the Bachelor of Information Communication and Technology (BICT).Successful completion of the 48 credit points of academic subjects provides credit for the first year of the relevant Bachelor degree.The three session program comprises eight subjects from the two-session option, plus an additional Tertiary Academic Skills subject.

Provide students with improved access to the vocational education and training system and to employment opportunities. It also aims to improve the participation of students in all aspects of society and their local community.

>The course aims are to identify vocational education and training goals. >Incorporate these goals into a learning contract. >Demonstrate progressive achievement of the goals within the timeframe specified in the contract.>Complete the goals required by the learning contract.

To prepare students with lower Advanced levels of proficiency in language and study skills for undergraduate and post graduate university study.

Foundation Studies is a full-time program of two or more sessions and is designed to provide alternative entry to the University of Wollongong and other Australian and New Zealand universities for those students who have not met the direct entry requirements to a bachelor degree.There are four different streams in the program: >Commerce>Information Technology/Mathematics>Arts>Science/EngineeringA 3-session Foundation Studies option is also available.

The main purpose of the course is to equip adults who are returning to off-the-job training with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become active learners through the development of a range of learning strategies.

>To develop the language skills necessary to undertake tertiary studies at University level. >To develop students’ confidence in the use of English, especially in writing. >To prepare students for IELTS and TOEFL examinations.

To prepare students for study in Australian High Schools.

To provide English language training and preparation for the IELTS test

>To assist students to develop their general English across all four skill areas. >To introduce students to and develop subject specific language and skills necessary for success in high school. >To introduce students to the high school system in Australia and the demands made on them.

To prepare students to successfully understand the IELTS examination at the level required by their chosen institutions.

The course aims to improve English pronunciation skills, paying particular attention to developing fluency and clarity. The emphasis is on practising listening and conversational skills.

To prepare students to enter Australian tertiary institutes through focussing on the micro-skills necessary for them to compete with Australian students in all four skill areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

To develop strategies and skills to deal with the variety of task types which may be encountered in the IELTS test and provide exercises to practice all sections of the test.

Study skills for entry into TAFE, private colleges or other educational providers.

This course is for people from non-English speaking backgrounds who want to study at university. It develops academic English language skills.

To familiarise IELTS candidates with the basic features of well written IELTS type essays and provide practice to develop writing skills.

To develop independent learning skills for study at high school, TAFE, university or work. Includes audio tape and video tape.

This course is for people from non-English speaking backgrounds who want to study at university. It develops academic English language skills.

To prepare students for the IELTS and CULT exam.

Prepares students for study at TAFE.

An English preparatory program for those wishing to study in the University's Graduate School of Business and Professional Development or in a postgraduate coursework Management degree.

To develop strategies to deal with the variety of task types in the IELTS test.

Extra tuition to help students develop the foundation skills that they need for the TAFE course in which they are enrolled. Tuition may be in a group, one to one or with a team teacher working in the vocational course classroom. Assistance may be for English language, literacy, numeracy, communication, maths or science. Work is based on therequirements of the students’ TAFE course. If you have a disability you may also get extra support to help you with your learning. Permanent or eligible temporary residents.

To develop skills necessary for undertaking academic writing.

acl’s English for Communication program has been designed to build skills, confidence and fluency. Through our lively and stimulating classes, you will acquire the language skills and confidence to communicate effectively in real life situations. The English for Communication program is also the basis for more specialised English language studies at acl.

Preparation for an IELTS test required for university, private college, TAFE and secondary school entry, PLUS academic skills such as essay writing, library skills and oral presentation.IELTS is the most widely recognised English language test for entry to academic courses for overseas students.